Call for Submissions to Diet Soap: "Sabotage"

Hi everyone!

So the Diet Soap team has been working hard to get a head start on Issue #3, which is scheduled to hit the streets in late October 2008. The theme for issue #3 is "Sabotage" and we need fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and art.

Send us stuff! We pay $5 per piece, plus a contributor copy. And for this next issue, we're going to be moving to Lulu for our printing and doing the magazine up as a perfect bound with a full color cover! So it's going to be gorgeous.

Send your submissions to douglain at dietsoap dot org. You can also send poetry directly to our poetry editor, camillealexa, at poetry at dietsoap dot org.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Diet Soap #2 Layout Done!

I am moving several long-overdue projects out of my inbox, and one of the longest and most overdue is the layout of the second issue of Diet Soap.

This is an incredibly kick-ass issue, as evinced by the table of contents:

  • Dream Date by Chelsea Martin
  • Be the Bomb You Throw by Katherine Sparrow
  • Peach by Ginnetta Correlli
  • Stitching Time by Stephanie Burgis
  • The Growns by Maxwell James

  • Shopping for a Husband by Aurelio Rico Lopez III
  • Pro-Life Patter by Rachel Swirsky
  • How to Walk in Heels by Tina Connolly

  • Collages by Jen Light

I am so excited to send it off into the world, which we will be doing with a launch party at the Writer's Dojo on May 10. Portland folks, please mark your calendars and please come to support the 'zine if you're able! There's going to be pizza and beer and readings and an open mike and lots of enlightened earnestness. Watch this space for more info as it develops.

Doug’s Book Club-Everybody Reads

Today’s Propaganda:

The Partial Character of the Revolutionary Theory

What happened in May ? Was it a spontaneous and incoherent uprising of various sections of the population, or a coherent step on the part of a determined revolutionary movement ? Was it a blind eruption of accumulated complaints and dissatisfactions, or a conscious attempt to overthrow a social order ? Did the student movement which set off the explosion have a coherent revolutionary theory, and a strategy based on the theory ? If it had a theory, to what extent was it communicated to the action committees, to the workers ?

There were unquestionably elements of revolutionary theory at the origin of the movement. This is illustrated by the fact that students in Nanterre began a struggle against the American war in Vietnam and were able to relate the activities of their own university to this war. This does not mean that the “majority” of the fighting students explicitly grasped the connection between their own daily lives and the war in Vietnam. Most students undoubtedly grasped the war as a distant struggle between David and Goliath, they grasped it as a spectacle in which they had sympathy for one side. But a small number of students acted on a much more profound understanding the moment they engaged themselves in a struggle to unveil the connection between the university, the capitalist system, and the war in Vietnam. To these students the war in Vietnam ceased to be an “issue” and became an integral part of their own daily lives.

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Class Warfare and Wal-Mart

Interesting article from the Mises Institute on Class Warfare and Wal Mart. A lot of well-worn ground here, but I particularly liked the discussion of how of different retailers that are essentially similar in their business practices (e.g., Target and Wal Mart) receive different levels of popular/political opprobrium based on the target audiences they market & cater to:

“One can buy discount paper towels and dog food at both Target and Wal-Mart at similar prices while being served by minimum wage workers. Yet, few would confuse the two stores. One is simply more charming than the other from the point of view of those who are prone to have contempt for discount retailers, so Target becomes a place where a congressman’s twenty-something children (if not the congressman himself) might actually shop. In their minds, however, Wal-Mart remains relegated to the realm of the impoverished and unstylish. The fact that Wal-Mart is perceived as useless by those with money and power has, not surprisingly, led to political problems for the retailer.”

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Welcome to the new Diet Soap Website

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our crack Web designer Robin Catesby, the Diet Soap site has a cool new look. We’ll be adding new features and content soon, including our first online issue, with brand new fiction, interviews, and art.

In other news, Diet Soap got a nice little mention in Rich Horton’s blog. He calls us “A distinctive and intriguing little magazine.” Yay!

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Other Diet Soap #1 Reviews

So douglain and I have been quite remiss in keeping this blog current. But no more! Be it resolved that you shall have fresh, sudsy Diet Soap news on a much more regular basis in 2008.

Pursuiant to that goal, here is a roundup of the reviews/mentions already garnered by Issue #1:
  • A review from "No Fear of the Future" a spec-fic blog maintained by Zoran Živković, Chris Nakashima-Brown, Jayme Lynn Blaschke and several other fine individuals.
  • A review from "The Fix", TTA Press' excellent short-fiction review site. They use the word "abstruse" to describe us, which I think rather delightful.

More news as it happens.